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Investiment For Us

We understand that investment can be made in various forms. From a strict finance approach, speculative, of venture capital or in the long term, investment serves the purpose of being the basis for businesses to widen their creation of value.

Amongst the various forms of investment, we choose that one where our capital is meant to be only a part of our investment. We are a company of people, and we use to say that it is through our people that we are geared to build a better future. Therefore, the ideal investment for us is when our capital can become aligned with the capacity of the people to transform the businesses we are interested in investing on.

How do we invest?

We are not restricted to a single type of investment from the point of view of controlling the business. In our investment methodology, we are willing to invest as a minor shareholder, as we are also investing as a main shareholder or yet fully taking over in our invested companies, occasionally.

However our investment option, be it as a minor, major or as the only shareholder in the company structure, a business to be called a “Westhon” business must however have our administration run the unit, together with the invested company or even isolated.

Any business considered to be part of our Business Areas and mentioned in our portfolio satisfies the participation description as outlined above.

Who do we invest in?

We only invest in companies that are able to clearly demonstrate the attendance to both of the following criteria: the leadership must be extraordinary, and as such must offer sustainable growth to the business. Our investment is not restricted but it should preferably be within the 5 Business Areas already devoted in our company: Energy, Offshore, Ventures, Holdings or Properties.

If you or your company has an interest in meeting with us and present an opportunity, please get in touch with us through ir@westhon.com and one of our professionals will be in touch with you in return.

We are committed to building a better future

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For more information, please contact us: ir@westhon.com