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Our Story

In the late 90’s the patriarch of the Vilela family brought with him the idea to build something that would not only congregate his children, but that could also have a positive impact in the world.

This dream has been transferred by their DNA, from heart to heart, until such time when in 2013 Westhon was founded.

The holding company lead by the elderly son carries the greatest inheritance from the patriarch: responsibility and kindness.

Today, Westhon invests and assists managers and administrators in the most promising business areas of Energy, Offshore, Ventures, Holdings and Properties.


We invest and accelerate businesses where we can identify the possibility to strengthen the most important asset of all: the people.

We count with more than 70 professionals highly capacitated acting with agility, professionalism, and attention to every detail in all levels.

We are a company with a young spirit, with the same credibility of the giants in the market. Because of a strong organizational culture and an active corporate governance, we can grow in a fast pace, without neglecting our moral values which translate the Westhon vision: ethics, commitment and sternness in everything we do.