Our Story

We have started with a visionary dream where distinct businesses could become integrated all hooked up by the sharing of a common business vision. In that business integration process, our people would have access to partaking their own experiences with each other across different Business Areas (our BA’s) ultimately being able to improve their own skills and abilities and most welcoming contributing to deliver second-to-none services to our clients.

Westhon Today

Westhon is today a services company providing solutions to clients in 5 distinct Business Areas (our BA’s). Our people are the core of our organization, well-seasoned professionals that can contribute with our clients across many business segments, bringing our multiple experiences to help improve businesses and explore the best opportunities.

During the years 2010-2016 (our first 7 years’ expansion plan) we entered the offshore and waste management services areas and decided to invest in information technology and environmental sciences on top of our most traditional segment in real estate and broking.

Whether our form of ownership, if partial minority, partial majority with control or total, Westhon is mandatorily present in every invested business as managers or administrators, to help our invested companies benefit from our capabilities as managers and business planters.

Together, we today act in Energy, Offshore, Ventures, Holdings and Properties as our Business Areas with over 70 professionals from various backgrounds in our direct workforce.

Our Story


In the early 90’s our founder decided to divest from the civil construction business focused on steel framing and warehousing construction at the time counting with the civil construction firm, the steel processing plant and one bending-and-welding steel process facility. Those industrial complexes were all based in central Brazil and the construction would take place across the entire Brazilian territory with the civil construction firm.

In 1998 our history is marked: our founder decided that the underlying business of what is today Westhon should be a landbank. In a country that counts with many metropolitan areas in impressive expansion, the landbank would focus on the buy-and-hold concept. Our founder identified and acquired years later the first relevant stake of land in his choice of a metropolitan area that would fit the buy-and-hold strategy, more precisely in the state of Espírito Santo, Southeast Brazil.

The 100 years’ business plan:

In 2010, after having expanded the original business to other states in Brazil, including Bahia, Goiás and the Distrito Federal, our founder delivers the business vision for the landbank and surprises the near management with a 100 years’ vision, way longer period than his own time in his company.

The challenge for the CEO:

In the same year our current Westhon CEO is invited by our founder to leave his corporate functions of his early professional life as an executive of major organizations to dive into the world of entrepreneurship. The same invitation is made of another of current Westhon partners to also leave his career in pharmaceuticals to come contribute with business management within the early organization. Two other partners of today’s Westhon are also contributing to the business plan, and four areas are covered with those 4 members’ competences: executive management, legal, environmental engineering and trade.

The first succession:

In 2013, in parallel to running his first two entrepreneurial businesses within offshore shipbroking and environmental solutions, our current Westhon CEO together with the other partner as directed by our founder both assume the landbank and the real estate brokerage firm.

The first independent investment:

In 2016 the Westhon CEO obtains approval to invest in information technology and the company starts searching for the right target, in the local Brazilian industry.

In 2017, the offshore consulting and shipbroking independent firm is opened and the first I.T. target is identified. In parallel the real estate firm acquired other assets and developed some, and some environmental projects were being deployed and recognized within the oil&gas sector. At that time a group of 4 partners were already formed with a direct workforce of about 15 people. Our trademark Westhon is conceived.

As of 2017 a new cycle started and a new 7 years’ business plan following that 2010-2016 period is delivered by the (now) 4 Westhon partners. In the years 2017-2023 Westhon would be focused on aggregating all investments made by the company either by having a controlling stake on the business or by having the business administration of invested businesses, as means to deliver our common vision and inspire “our” businesses and our partners in those individual businesses.

The energy segment:

In 2019 Westhon invests in a developer company to explore divestment opportunities within offshore oil and gas, with aims to acquire reserves and oil and gas production primarily in the South American coastal Brazil. In the same year Westhon inspired by the people management I.T. invested company decides to dedicate efforts to the channel focused on quality of life with cycling of one of our partners.

In 2021 Westhon invests in a new developer company in Brazil in the segment of offshore windpower / renewables. The new invested company is set to participate in steering the regulatory framework of the business segment in Brazil which is at very early stage. In parallel it starts securing certain partnerships and representation to act in the segment.

The launch of the integrated business:

In 2022 Westhon then concentrates investments in 5 Business Areas (BA’s): Energy, Offshore, Ventures, Holdings and Properties. You can learn more about our investments in these areas by visiting our website page “WHAT WE DO”.

In 2019 in our Ventures Business Area, our invested people management company goes out for an investment cycle. Lead by Westhon as the Investors’ Relations responsible for the invested company the decision is made to welcome a new investor, a Portuguese ventures company.

The deal was successful and in the same year our invested I.T. vehicle established presence in Lisbon, Portugal. Since then, Westhon has been studying the Portuguese market for future expansion and the area has been included in our 7 years’ business plan.

In 2019, in parallel with the investment received in Europe, Westhon approves and manages together with the I.T. company CEO, the opening of a new office for that invested company in the United States of America. At the same time, Westhon’s fully owned offshore consulting and shipbroking subsidiary in Brazil delivers a business plan to expand the business to cover ‘the Americas’ with aims to also establishing an office in the United States. The idea is to relocate a partnering office of that BA from Canada’s Newfoundland to Texas, in the United States, from where the Brazil-United States cooperation would be more effective and cover a larger market.

In 2019 the offshore developer company invested by Westhon is incorporated in Dover, state of Delaware, in the east coast of the United States of America, in addition to an office in Austin, Texas, from where the technical work in the energy company business is run, and also home to one of the invested company’s managing partner.

In 2022 Westhon Offshore Business Area opens the Westhon company in the United States primarily focused in offshore consulting and shipbroking already supported by local clients in that territory. Further, the Offshore Consulting and Shipbroking company opened in 2017 goes independent with a new trademark under Westhon’s own name and a new cycle of investment in the Business Area started, with the opening of the business development office in Europe. In parallel, the I.T. vehicle again lead by Westhon as responsible for the Investors’ Relation area starts a new cycle of investment, in the United States of America.

In 2022 the Ventures and the Offshore Business Areas within Westhon decide to appoint a new business development office in Paris, France. As Westhon now counts with 6 partners across our invested companies, one of our partners becomes the lead of business development in Europe as Westhon aims to expand its activities in the European territory, primarily in the Ventures and Offshore Business Areas.

The names and details of our invested businesses are only available upon request and discretionary decision to disclose the details. You can browse our CONTACTS webpage to contact us through one of our contact channels.

Our Milestones

Westhon Offshore Consulting and Shipbroking company opened in 2017 goes independent and trading under Westhon’s own branding.

Westhon LLC. opened in the United States to host Offshore Consulting and Shipbroking activities.

Westhon Paris Business Development office established.

Westhon invests in a new developer company to explore the offshore windpower market in Brazil.

Energy developer for oil and gas divestment opportunities incorporated by Westhon and partners in the United States of America.

I.T. invested company opens the subsidiary in the United States of America.

I.T. invested company opens the subsidiary in Portugal.

I.T. invested company receives a new venture capital apport.

New Offshore Consulting and Shipbroking company opened in Brazil.

New 7 years’ business plan developed and accepted.

Westhon begins its business consolidation and new investment cycle.

Investment decision made to invest in I.T. as venture capital strategy for Westhon.

Incorporation of the Westhon business in real estate as landbank assumed by two of the partners in today’s Westhon.

Founder delivers the 100 years’ plan and members elaborate the 7 years’ business plan of investment to help deliver the founder’s vision for an integrated business.

Focus by our founder is given in consolidating the landbank with a buy-and-hold concept to form the basis of the future organization.