Westhon’s CNT @ Brazil Ride Espinhaço 2022

Café na Trilha has covered the ultra marathon Santander Brazil Ride Espinhaço 2022. Our leading cycling channel arrived at Vila Brasil Ride after wondering around the raw roads leading to a small piece of paradise. Day one consisted of the Prologue that will define your start position.

The challenge consisted of 5 stages. Brazil Ride is considered one of the main marathons of the Americas, which is a new event in the calendar of marathons in Brazil, following the already very successful Santander Brazil Ride Bahia – the most famous one.

Café na Trilha was invited to ride and compete as well as make the official media coverage of the event. The channel has reached the greatest audience of all channels that have covered the event, even ahead of their own Brazil Ride dedicated channel.

Fernando finished 5th place in the solo category overall.

This year Brazil Ride has expanded into Europe with the first Ride in Portugal. In October this year Santander Brazil Ride Bahia will be once more hosted and if you want to know more about this please contact cnt@westhon.com, and don’t miss checking the coverage at the below link:


You can also access and subscribe to the channel for constant updates:


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