We have invested in two vehicles that are geared to help address the challenge for a more efficient energy generation.

In one hand Westhon has invested in a company that was created to identify, study, acquire and develop exclusively offshore mature oilfields with oil and gas production that could deliver unparalleled potential for future production output, either not identified or not developed by the current operator. On the other hand, Westhon has invested in a windpower developer company aimed to take part in the early stage of the regulatory framework of the sector and help steer the decisions from authorities to a sustainable development of the activity, being so positioned to host or develop future offshore windpower projects.

More Oil and Gas:

Well, we still believe that for several decades, while our society and the energy companies will need to invest in renewables and improve competitiveness of renewable sources of energy when compared to more traditional power generation, there is still a sustainable need for the exploitation of natural resources.

In the seek for an energy transition that can be more sustainable and less costly and pollutive, we believe that oil and gas portfolios have distinct profiles, from the perspective that each molecule of oil and gas can be better or worse for the environment when converted into energy depending on several variables.

Our oil and gas developer company is one that focuses on oilfields that are already developed and proven, that have a low sulphur content in oil, good gas potential (non-associated preferably) and most importantly, oilfields where our technical teams of geologists, geophysicists and subsurface can identify great potential to recover volumes where the divesting operator is no longer able or interested to produce.

The improved recovery volumes shall be achieved by means of modern interpretation of targets and the deployment of adequate offshore units and subsurface equipment, many times by reconfiguring the system left by the initial developer.

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More Windpower from Offshore:

Yes, we firmly believe that windpower is a relevant source of energy and that the industry is quickly developing to deliver generators that will soon produce a ratio power/cost that will finally overcome the turning point of the average cost of energy. And we believe that this will happen offshore.

The activity is very new, and the solutions are very young. At such early stage in this industry, worldwide, we can quickly witness how recently built equipment (installation equipment as well as generation) rapidly become obsolete. The size and capacity of the newer generation of equipment is moving so fast that a life cycle of certain equipment has become as short as 5 years. That is simply not sustainable, as the capex in building installation units for instance, simply can’t be offset in such short period.

As observers of this fast mutant face of the support industry for a cheaper megawatt(!), we decide to focus on territories that are still green and unexplored in the segment. Naturally for our company and origin Brazil fits and we open the vehicle.

So it happens that as the world industry keeps building larger installation units and larger towers, jackets, floating systems, turbines, offshore substations etc., Brazil is debating and deciding the regulatory framework for the installation of such industry.

In that scenario our invested vehicle is aimed in the first 5 years’ cycle of the business to participate, understand, and help influence the sector to prepare the ground for effective investment soon.

At this moment, our company is already representing major EPCI contractors, intermediating relationships and commercial discussions with Series-A energy companies present in Brazil while concomitantly transiting with authorities and the business community to help steer the industry decisions to the point of start.

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